iOS, Android, and Windows Phone


Mac, Windows, and Cross-Platform


Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, and Node.js


Mextures is an iPhone app that allows users to easily apply the amazing textures created by Merek Davis to photos taken with their iPhones. With different mextures formulas, users can create unlimited effects and turn everyday snapshots into dramatic photographs. Formulas can be saved and shared with other users, as well.

I developed a super fast "FilterPipeline" to quickly layer, blend, and rotate the texture images using a combination of CoreGraphics and GPUImage. The app also integrates with many third-party systems for tracking usage, errors, and persisting data.



Lumo allows everyone to share their best photos extremely quickly and easily. No complicated settings or configurations. Just a simple upload, and the rest is taken care of automatically.

I collaborated with Drew Wilson on API and network development to keep the app in sync with the server. I also contributed updates to SVHTTPRequest to add upload progress, and developed the In-App-Purchases system allowing users to buy additional storage and themes.



MY KU is a fun web app that allows users to write and share haikus. Each "poet" a.k.a user user has a personal page that allows them to proudly show off the haikus they create.

I needed to create a custom "syllable engine" to count the syllables and detect whether the submitted writings followed the proper haiku format. The rest of the site is built on Rails with Devise for user authentication and tracking.


LOL Flix

lolflix is like iTunes for stand-up comedy videos. It features dozens and dozens of comics from around the world in full-length performances that fans can purchase for download or rent to stream.

Using Ruby on Rails, I developed the eCommerce system, with expiring token authentication, video sales auditing and reporting, and worked with the server admin to optimize the download and streaming system.



Wes Billman